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zotostap's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 64 (From 27 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 600 Points


loved Unlocked 2/18/15
5 Points
Together forever.

Medals Earned: 1/1 (5/5 points)

10 seconds-life demo

baby Unlocked 1/3/15
5 Points
innocence of childhood
child Unlocked 1/3/15
10 Points
Sweet :D
adult 25 Points free at last $)
teen 25 Points i think i am old enough now B)
man 50 Points all these bills x_x
old 50 Points life is boring ._.

Medals Earned: 2/6 (15/165 points)

A Jonny Krampus

Flap Flap Flap Unlocked 12/24/14
5 Points
Score over 1,000.
Not This Sh*t Again Unlocked 12/24/14
5 Points
Well too bad... I was bored and wanted to play around with Jon's pretty face...
Hey! He's Cheating! 10 Points Congratulations, you beat the AI at his own game! (Play until he crashes into a wall or something. He won't die though. Jerk...)
Krampus Krampus Krampus 10 Points Score over 5,000.
Merry Krampus! 25 Points Score over 10,000 as Jon.
Welcome to the Circus! 25 Points Score over 10,000 as a hidden character.
The metakingkirby Award! 50 Points Score over 19,600!
The Shantom Award! 50 Points Score over 29,900!
The RobertTaylor Award! 100 Points Mother of Arceus! Score over 111,200.

Medals Earned: 2/9 (10/280 points)

Bobby Da Arrow

Gob Crusher Unlocked 12/25/14
5 Points
K.O a goblin by crushing it!
Hay Burn Unlocked 12/25/14
5 Points
Burn a bale of hay
Arrow Of Time Unlocked 12/25/14
10 Points
Unlock all arrow types
Bobby To The Rescue Unlocked 12/25/14
10 Points
Rescue your first civilian
Gob Stopper Unlocked 12/25/14
10 Points
K.O your first goblin in battle!
Rising Star Unlocked 12/25/14
10 Points
Earn 30 stars
A Touch Of Glass 25 Points Drop a chandelier onto a goblin
Bobby Da Saviour 50 Points Take out every single goblin
Civilized 50 Points Rescure every civilian
Shooting Star 100 Points Earn all 90 stars

Medals Earned: 6/10 (50/275 points)

Dead Detention #4

Episode 4 Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
Start playing the 4th episode.
Hero Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
Kill the zombie to save Naomi.
Nom nom nom Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
To be continued...for the last time. Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
Finish the episode.
Zzzzz Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
Count the sheep and fall asleep.
Golden Astronaut 50 Points Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Medals Earned: 5/6 (25/75 points)

Dungeon Legends

Starting the Journey! Unlocked 1/3/15
10 Points
You started the game and walked! (And watched the ad)
Level 2! 10 Points You just Leveled up!!
Reached Level 12! 100 Points You Nearly completed the game!

Medals Earned: 1/3 (10/120 points)

Flying Pigs

B-B-BACON Unlocked 12/29/14
5 Points
Collect "PIGS" for the first time.
BUTCHER 5 Points Kill the flying pig!
PIGGIE BANK 10 Points Follow Deathink!
HAM IT UP 25 Points Complete 15 levels.
SMARTY PIG 100 Points Complete 29 levels.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/145 points)


Born Again Unlocked 12/22/14
5 Points
Experience rebirth the first time.
Self Defense Unlocked 12/22/14
5 Points
Kill an enemy with their own projectile
Advisory Animal 5 Points Discover the dog who can speak in the tounge of man.
Human Nature 5 Points Kill a living creature with your weapon
The Call 5 Points Awaken her guardians
Facade Breaks 10 Points Defeat Uzaza
End of Us 50 Points Complete the game with the aid of the gun
Insult to Injury Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Curiouser and Curiouser Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Altruist Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/10 (10/220 points)

Hockey Dad

Bon Appetit Unlocked 1/8/15
5 Points
Have liquid poured on you
No Resting Unlocked 1/8/15
5 Points
Smash a chair on the opponents head
Big Man Unlocked 1/8/15
25 Points
Show your opponent who's boss
Dead Poker Unlocked 1/8/15
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Loser 10 Points Suck up the pride and lose the fight

Medals Earned: 4/5 (85/95 points)

Holiday Sim

Sudden Death Unlocked 2/17/15
5 Points
What a quick game!
Rockstar 10 Points a classic rockstar's end
Best Holiday Ever 25 Points so what is the typical holiday like?
King of the Waves 100 Points you are a beach boy!!!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/140 points)